Anonymous purchase data

Working with anonymous basket data in Airship

Contacts are core to Airship, but we also collect a large amount of data from other sources which are associated to the contact. We can use that additional information to act as a unique identifier for the contact, so if we see some data from another source (i.e. Purchase data), which has a unique voucher code associated, providing airship issued that voucher, we can use this to tie the transaction back to the customer from the POS.

Fields we can use to associate purchase information to a contact include;

  • Booking reference

  • Loyalty Card number / Loyalty Membership reference

  • Gift card number

  • Unique voucher code

  • Booking - Table number

Depending on your POS, and its capability - not all of these touch points may be available to link to a customer. Airship will require at least 1 of the above in order to associate any purchase to a contact.

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