Add anonymous purchase data



Along with the account_id, either the booking_reference, unique_code, card_reference, membership_number or table_number is required to associate a purchase to a contact.




The account ID represents the account that you are storing this contact to. If you are unsure of what your account ID is, ask our support team to confirm


The unique booking reference associated to the purchase.


The unique voucher code used on the purchase.


Optional Airships unique code group ID associated to the voucher. If the client has re-useable vouchers codes (for different promotions) - this id is required to pass in a unique_code.


The customers loyalty / membership number used on the purchase.


The customers loyalty card number used on the purchase.


The table number which the customer sat at*


This is the partners ID to help identify the source of a purchase. If you need one creating, please contact, we'll get one added and provide you an ID

*The table number has some additional checks in place within Airship. We will look for any customers from the booking integration who;

  • Has a booking

  • Had that table number associated in the booking extract

  • Had a booking seated date on the same day as the purchase date

  • Whose booking start time was within 3 hours of the purchase completed time

Operationaly, this requires the customer to be seated at the table defined within the booking platform - or the booking platform to be updated with the seated table number to work.

More detail on the purchases history which can be passed can be found here.

Basic payload example

    "account_id": 3,
    "booking_reference": "5G83-234G-23TG",
    "unique_code": "BD34G53",
    "unique_code_group_id": 45121,
    "membership_number": "76398763-42T",
    "card_reference": "1234abc5678",
    "table_number": "44",
    "purchases": [
            "transaction_reference": "77FF-24FF-234F-7",
            "unit_id": 8775,
            "provider_id": 2,
            "created_at": "2021-06-01 00:00:00",
            "items": [
                    "description": "Bacon Cheeseburger",
                    "sku": "abc_8913",
                    "quantity": 1,
                    "value": 7,
                    "tags": [
                        "Main course"
                    "description": "Garlic Bread",
                    "sku": "5621",
                    "quantity": 2,
                    "value": 8.40,
                    "tags": [

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