Append WiFi data

Store WIFI Interaction history as you send contact data to us


Airship can store WIFI interaction history for each contact.

Having WIFI data attached to contacts is useful to measure and target recent or lapsed visitors based on their last visit.

Storing WIFI interactions

To store WIFI interactions, simply append a wifi_interactions object to your contact as you send it to us.



The date / time of the WIFI interaction Required field


The unit_id representing the physical location for which this WIFI interaction relates Required field


detected - This interaction type should be used when a user's device passively connects to the WiFi hotspot.

connected - This interaction type should be used once a user proactively views your captive portal. authenticated - This interaction type should be used once a user has provided the information required by the captive portal to connect to the Internet via your WiFi service. unknown - If your platform doesn't support the above connection types, use the unknown type Required field


Text description of where the connection was made (i.e. Upstairs Bar)



Unique device reference Optional


Text description for the source of the WIFI interaction Required Field

Example Payload

"account_id": 3,
"email": "",

    "wifi_interactions" :[
            "datetime":"2022-01-01 12:00:00",
            "unit_id": "4",
            "type": "authenticated",
            "hotspot_name": "Bar 01",
            "mac_address": "01:A1:C1:11:C1:11",
            "device_mime_type": "Airship Splash page"

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