How to get connected

API Personal Access Tokens

To connect to REST API, you will need a Personal Access Token (PAT).

These are currently issued by our support staff, so please contact [email protected] and let us know your Airship account name. You'll need to contact us from a verified email address on your Airship account.


REST API uses Personal Access tokens to authenticate API requests. So before making any request to a protected resource, you'll need to make sure you have a valid token, as you'll need to include this in your authorisation header on each request.

Using tokens in requests

Whenever the user wants to access a protected route or resource, the user agent should send their token in the Authorization header using the Bearer schema. The content of the header should look like the following:

Authorization: Bearer <access_token>

Authentication failure

If you are not authorised and you attempt to make a request to a protected endpoint, the API will return JSON with errors.Authentication Failure

"errors": [
"message": "Unauthorized",