Append feedback

Store transactional feedback records as you send contact data to us


Airship can store full feedback history for contact records. This is useful to show the sentiment of a particular guest, and can be used in campaigns whereby a broadcast could be suppressed if someone has left feedback recently (for example if you don't want to ask someone for feedback about a recent visit if they've already done so).

Storing feedback

To store feedback, simply include a feedback object as you write a contact to us. We'll store a historic feedback record against the contact.




1 = positive

2 = negative

3 = neutral

4 = unknown

You can also retrieve feedback types from the /feedback/types endpoint.


1 = website

2 = facebook

3 = tablet

4 = email

5 = twitter


The unit_id representing the physical location for which this feedback relates.


Pass in a type to tag comment types together (e.g. "Toilets", "Service" etc) along with a text string for this comment.


Pass in a ratings category_id along with a value for this rating in the rating_text field, and an optional contact_note..

You can retrieve a list of categories from the /feedback/categories endpoint. However, commonly used ones are:

1 - Food

2 - Drink

3 - Service

4 - NPS

"account_id": 3,
"email: "",

"feedback": [
      "type_id": 1, // positive
      "source_id": 1, // website
      "unit_id": 8775,
      "comments": [
          "type": "Toilets",
          "note": "Recently cleared and sparkling!"
          "type": "Other Comments",
          "note": "Had a great time, will definitely return!"
      "ratings": [
          "category_id": 1, // Food
          "rating_text": "Excellent",
          "contact_note": "Food was super tasty."
          "category_id": 2, // Drink
          "rating_text": "Good",
          "contact_note": "Drinks were great, if a little expensive."
          "category_id": 3, // Service
          "rating_text": "Poor",
          "contact_note": "We had to wait 15 minutes to pay at the end."
          "category_id": 4, // NPS
          "rating_text": "8",
          "contact_note": "Would definitely recommend to a friend"

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