Append Loyalty data

Store Loyalty Interaction details as you send contact data to us


Airship can store Loyalty data for each contact. This is stored as a card entity against the contact, and each card can have different details such as Card balance, card points, etc.

A must be part of a Scheme, which is a grouping for the cards. Each card must also be unique within a Scheme, as if we see a duplicate reference - we will update the original card details.


Airship can store Loyalty data for each contact.



Date time of interaction Required field


The unit_id representing the physical location for which this Loyalty interaction relates. If provided, a PoP will also be generated for the specified transaction_datetime

Optional field


The unique loyalty reference, which relates to the entity which identifies the balance / points (i.e. Card number, or customer identifier)

Required field


If applicable, the pin associated to the card

Optional field


If the card has a points balance, the amount of points on that card

Optional field


If the card has a cash value, the value that is on that card

A card can have a mixture of Points and Balance

Optional field


If the card is active, then active = true.

If the card has been suspended, then active = false

The flag will always default to active if not specified

Optional field


Unique ID for the integration partner. If you are a new integrator, please contact our support team to get a new ID setup

Required field


If the card was purchased, the value which the card was sold for Optional field


If the card has any points or balance which are due to expire, the next amount which will be removed from the card Optional field


If the card has any points / balance which are due to expire - the date they are due to expire Optional field

Example Payload

   "account_id": 3,
   "email": "",
 "membership_cards": [
      "reference": "ABC-001-XYZ",
      "scheme_reference": "Staff Loyalty Scheme",
      "transaction_datetime": "2021-04-27 20:50:00",
      "unit_id": 67,
      "pin": 123456,
      "points": 100,
      "balance": 0,
      "active": true,
      "provider_id": 5,
      "purchase_value": 0,
      "next_expiry_amount": 0,
      "next_expiry_date": "2022-01-02"

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