Append other PoPs


Where a guest has visited a venue and there is a digital footprint which doesn't neatly fit into any of our pre-existing native categories (e.g. table booking, purchase history, loyalty interaction, voucher redemption, WiFi login, ticket), we also have the option to store a Proof of Presence (PoP) without full context.

Having this "PoP" data stored historically is useful to measure and target guests based on recency and frequency.

To store a PoP, add a pops object as you write a contact record.

"account_id": 3,
"email: "",

"pops" : [
         "unit_id"  : 123, // where the PoP happened
         "type_id"  : 2 // Member check-in, feedback submission etc
         "datetime" : "2021-06-01 00:00:00" // When the pop happened

PoP Types

To retrieve a list of pop_type_ids you can call the /pop/types endpoint.

Note that storing a PoP is not a substitute for sending a full record of an interaction in scenarios where we have full native storage fields. For example: Bookings, WiFi, Purchase History, Loyalty, Voucher Redemptions and Tickets. You should always use our native storage where we have an appropriate category.

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